Multiple news sites are reporting that Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer and fixer, has flipped–i.e., will co-operate with Justice Department prosecutors. If so, then this is very, very bad news for Trump’s defense team.

That said, two things are important to note. First, as of press time, Cohen’s defection had not been confirmed. Second, liberals, progressives, and Democrats in general should not get their hopes up. So long as a GOP Congress refuses to act, even the most damning evidence will be irrelevant.

However, what Cohen will reveal could be extraordinarily important for Trump’s legal future once he is out of the White House, or once the Democrats again control Congress.

Reports of Cohen’s flipping include the following:

Reports suggest Michael Cohen is thinking of flipping. There are conflicting reports of how close he is to actually doing it, though, by Andrew Prokop, in Vox.

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen likely to cooperate as his attorneys leave case, sources say, by George Stephanopoulos, ABC News

President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen is likely to cooperate with federal prosecutors, by Denis Slattery, New York Daily News.