… to Impeach Trump 

President Trump is a pathological liar who runs around proclaiming himself to be a “stable genius” He believes he is the “absolute authority” who should be President for life.

Trump is insane, which would be of little note were he in a mental institution; unfortunately, he’s not in a mental institution. Trump is in the White House ruling the nation with his Tweets, doing everything within his vast presidential powers to enrich himself and his family while selling America out to Russia, dismantling our government, bankrupting on our economy, and turning our Democracy into a dictatorship.

Trump has transformed America into his insane vision of reality. We no longer live in America; we live in Trumpland. Our reality is whatever this chronic liar of a lunatic says it is… at the moment

The American people have gone collectively insane tolerating Trump’s insanity. Republican members of Congress are a party to the conspiracy to centralize power into hands of the Republican leadership. Republicans in Congress are his enablers. They refuse to hold Trump accountable.

Trump belongs in a straight jacket in a mental institution.

Stephen Colbert, “Late Show” host, mocked Trump’s speeches as so nutty they ‘ran crazy off a cliff into Coo Coo Canyon’

“I’m not ready to say that our president is a Russian agent,” Colbert cracked. “But I have an agent, and he doesn’t do as much for me as Trump does for Russia.”

We need to Take Back America

We need to give Congress shock therapy to force Trump Republicans to impeach Trump.

If Democrats were the majority in Congress, they would have voted down Trump’s craziness and impeached him by now. But the Republicans are in power, and they have gone mad. They want to control the office of the president, Congress, and now the Supreme Court, and they are willing to sell out America to do it. They are co-conspirators. They tolerate and normalize Trump’s madness for the sake of the Republican agenda.

If Trump is brought to trial, he won’t have to pardon himself. Trump can simply plead not guilty by reason of insanity.

The problem is this:

The Blue wave will most likely put enough Democrats in Congress to charge Trump with impeachment… but not enough to convict him. Democrats will not have a 2/3 majority in the Senate to actually impeach Trump.

What if Trump is impeached? Mike Pence becomes President and the Republicans are still in power. What if Mike Pence is impeached for his involvement in the Trump-Russia scandal then Paul Ryan becomes President and Republicans are still in power. We would have a President who is more “normal” and less crazy, but just as corrupt and dangerous.

If Trump is impeached, all the harm he has done while in the Oval Office is grandfathered in.

We must force Republicans who control Congress not only to impeach Trump, but to declare Hillary Clinton the rightful President of the United States of America.

Trump cheated to win the election.

Trump is President because of Russian interference in our electoral process. Trump is now doing Putin’s bidding. Trump is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Trump is not some undercover Russian spy. Trump is not operating clandestinely or secretly spying for the Russians. Trump is openly giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Trump is Putin’s puppet in our White House, which is now Putin’s White House.

Putin has “Kompromat” on Trump, and it’s not just Pee Pee tapes. Putin has proof that Trump colluded with the Russians to swing the election. Putin has proof Trump is a traitor because Putin had Russian operatives rig the election for Trump, and now Putin is using Trump to sabotage our government and destroy us from within.

The solution

Congress must impeach Trump and declare Hillary Clinton the rightful President, which means that all of Trumps executive orders, bills he has signed into law, all the appointments he has made especially to the Supreme Court are null and void.

Direct Action


We start with a Phone Protest against Bank of America/Merrill Lynch to put pressure on Congress. We empower ordinary people to use their smartphones to join in peacefully calling to complain by the thousands, by the hundreds of thousands, by the millions and cripple business at the bank. Disrupt their lines of communication and shut down Bank of America/Merrill Lynch to put pressure on Trump Republicans in Congress to impeach Mr. Trump.

As the Phone Protest goes viral and the multitude of protesters on the phones grows, there is no way for Bank of America/ Merrill Lynch to answer their phones fast enough to clear the lines to keep their business running at a profit.

The shortest distance between two points is a phone call.

The most efficient way to protest is by phone. Thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of peaceful protesters calling and jamming the lines not just in the U.S. and the UK but around the world… are a formidable force.

The more Trump threatens protesters, the more protesters will be drawn to the phones at home and abroad calling to protest and driving Bank of America/ Merrill Lynch into bankruptcy.


All it takes is networking


Three hundred activists calling one bank branch of Bank of America in one city along with three hundred activists in the UK calling one office of Merrill Lynch is all it would take to go viral and ignite a conflagration of calls around the globe that would consume Bank of America.

What can you do?

Join in calling Bank of America, and social networking to get the word out. Help make the Phone Protest go viral on the Internet. Activate callers in the U.S., the UK and around the globe to join in calling.

Inundate their phones, disrupt their business, cost them money- a great deal of money- and shut them down… if necessary.

If Congress does not meet our demands, it is merely a matter of time until investors panic and crash Bank of America’s stock, and depositors start a run on the bank.

Congress can’t afford to let Bank of America and Merrill Lynch go under. The Republicans in control of Congress can’t afford a meltdown on Wall Street.

Michael Moore is calling on liberals to stand up to Trump’s fascist regime.

Moore asks how far are we willing to go to defend Democracy? Are people ready to die to protect this nation from havoc Trump is reeking?

“What are people willing to commit to? What would you give your life for?” he asks. “What would you be willing to actually put yourself on the line for? That moment is now. We are going to lose our democracy if we haven’t already. We have no choice, my friends. We have to rise up.”

But the question is how to protest?

Our marches in the streets are growing larger, but they don’t have a direct impact on the President or the Republicans in Congress. We need a Direct Action Campaign that puts public pressure directly on Congress.

Rise up on the phones!

Instead of camping out in the park, we need to camp out on the phones and call Bank of America and Merrill Lynch and occupy their phones.

Protest by phone where there are no riot police, no tear gas, no mass arrests, no property damage, and no one has to die. It black out their phones and kill business at Bank of America and Merrill Lynch.

Start by calling Bank of America and posting on Twitter and Facebook to help activate enough activists worldwide to shut down Bank of America/ Merrill Lynch and force Congress to impeach Trump.

Protest by phone and we don’t have to lay down our lives to protect our Democracy. We don’t have to confront Trump’s Neo Nazi supporters, or be tear gassed by riot police, shot with rubber bullets, or arrested in the streets to force Congress to impeach this mad man in the White House. All we need to do is call Bank of America/ Merrill Lynch to disrupt the crime syndicate they’re operating in our public phone system.

Shut down Bank of America with complaints and let Bank of America and Congress do the redemptive suffering.

Help send a powerful message Trump Republicans in Congress: Don’t interfere with the Mueller investigation and impeach Trump now… or be prepared to lose Bank of America and face a stock market crash on Wall Street.


CALL-IN: In the U.S. call Bank of America and occupy their phones. In the UK call Merrill Lynch. Be civil. Help brown out their communications and put their business on hold. Send a message to Congress. Congress will meet our demands… or Congress could lose Bank of America

SOCIAL NETWORK: Get on your smartphone, go viral, and bring enough protesters to the phones to put Bank of America out of business.


OCCUPY THE PHONES IN SOLIDARITY: Call en mass in the U.S., the UK and around the globe. Put a chokehold on the bank’s communications and put their business on hold. Shut down Bank of America/Merrill Lynch and give Congress a meltdown on Wall Street. If it becomes necessary, which it should not.

Force Congress to impeach Trump… to save Bank of America.

Bury Bank of America alive in calls and impose economic sanctions on Congress. It’s only a matter of time until panic sets in and stockholders start dumping their stock and depositors start a run on the bank.

  • Congress will leave the Trump-Russia investigation alone.

  • Congress will impeach Trump and let him prove that he did not collude with Russia to win the election.

  • Congress will acknowledge the fact that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin manipulated the election to help Trump win and the results are therefore invalid. Hillary Clinton is the rightful president of the United States of America.

  • Every executive order, every piece of legislation, and every appointment Trump has made is invalid because Trump cheated to win and his presidency is illegitimate.

Or Congress can risk losing Bank of America/Merrill Lynch and face a melt-down on Wall Street. It’s their choice.