By Chris Madsen

So with the world becoming much more smaller with technological advances.  I can’t help wonder what is Canada’s role is this strange new world political situation we are in?

Canada is strategically located across the North pole from much of Russia.   The values and political beliefs of the Canadians seem to be way more in line with the European Nations than the United States.

Since Russia has successfully succeeded in manipulating the power dynamics of the world since 2016 by easily manipulating and controlling the president of the United States, I can’t help wonder if the world wouldn’t be a safer place with Canada strategically joining the European Union.  Granted Canada is not in Europe but it is only 2,000 miles away from Greenland.

If Canada did join the European Union the result would the new European Union would have a GDP larger than the United States and instantly become the world’s largest superpower.

Currently as an American I am so frustrated with what is going on in this country.  Essentially, I agree with almost nothing the United States Government has been up to for the last 2 years.  I personally now have way more faith in the European Union and Canada to do what is right in the world than the current Russian puppet state that the United States Government has become.

While we must maintain hope that the American people will eventually return to controlling the American government.  I can’t help but wonder if now isn’t the right time for a new and more responsible world superpower to appear?