Happy Day After Christmas, y’all.

So there’s a lovely piece you ought to read on the day after the Holiday. Christmas turned the world upside down by E.J. Dionne Jr. over in the Washington Post.

I know. I know. It’s hard for us. We on the Left have had our problems with Christianity, particularly in recent years, when it has seemed that every witchdoctor, two-bit hustler, and televangelist in the world was out promoting the Dumpster.

But, let’s keep in mind that the historical Jesus, whoever he was, seems to have been anything but a conservative. He was, after all, the guy who was telling truth to power, confronting state and local authorities with their shortcomings, and, ultimately getting arrested and crucified (a pretty awful way to die) by the powers-that-were.

So, come right down to it, he’s our guy, really. In spite of everything the Bible Whackers would tell you.

We on the Left really need to read Dionne’s piece. He makes the point that Jesus was the kind of person that the Christian Right would have hated with a passion. And, he writes, “Christmas has always been a fundamentally subversive holiday, and … Christianity, an organic outgrowth of prophetic Judaism, has always been at root a radical faith.” Thus, the Jesus-movement, in spite of all attempts to portray it as otherwise, has always been and always will be the story of the poor and powerless confronting the rich and powerful.

Therefore, maybe, just maybe, it is the duty of the Left to reclaim Christianity…to take it back from the Right…and confront America with what seems to be the real Jesus…

The man who confronted his version of plutocrats…the money-changers of the temple…

And took a whip to them.

The editors