We know, now, that Michael Cohen taped himself having a chat with Trump about paying off one of his former lovers, a Playboy model. What’s interesting about the story, though, is not that Trump employed Cohen to spread a little hush money, or even that he was having affairs while still married. That is common knowledge. He’s a scum. Of course he was doing such things.

What we, at least, find fascinating is that Cohen took the Nixonesque step of taping his conversations with Trump. Wonder why he did that? A little insurance in case the Great Man ever turned on him? A little something put away for a rainy day? Who knows?

But the important point is the recording exists. And if that one exists, others may, too. And all of them will, eventually, be heard…by the FBI, by the courts, by the media, and by the American people.

Will it make a difference? Will whatever was said on those tapes…however obviously corrupt, however sexually perverse….make any difference? Well, to his fanatical supporters, probably not. They’ll figure a way to rationalize it, as they have everything else.

But to the rest of the country? That may be another story entirely. And for some independent voters, it may make all the difference in the world.