Usually it is the Right that gets to play the conspiracy game…Obama is a Muslim, Pizzagate, chem trails, and all that other absolute nonsense.

But, heck, why should they have all the fun? Let’s have an untrue, unproven, and idiotic conspiracy theory or two of our own. I mean, why not? It could be fun. Might pass the time on some wet, chilly afternoon…

Okay, here goes.

The current inhabitant of the White House has, in the past, encouraged and supported the anti-vaccine crowd. We know, also, that this administration has close connections with the Russians.

Right. So what happens when people stop getting, or stop their children from getting vaccines? Answer, they get sick. They get real sick. I mean, really, really sick.

Now, what would Putin like to see happen to America? Well, if we…or, at least, our children, and thus our future… died in the night and left the world clear for Russian domination, that would probably rate pretty high on their list for Santa (or, excuse me, that’s Father Frost in the Slavic version).

So, let’s make up a conspiracy theory…

If you were a Bad Guy, and you were planning to launch a biological attack on the United States of America, what would you do to sort of prepare the ground as it were?

Here’s an idea. How about encouraging an anti-vaccine movement? You could fund lots of anti-Vax tweets. And you could code up a bunch of bots to spread ‘em around. And then you could have the lads back at the Troll Factory get busy on Instagram and Facebook to spread tons of rumors and pounds of disinformation. And get everybody all worked up…

So that as many young Americans as possible were vulnerable to all sorts of diseases….

Then, to top it off, if you had a puppet in the White House to promote anti-vaxxer nonsense…

What else could you ask?

I mean, what could you ask, if you were a complete and utter bastard?

—The Editors