Facebook Removes Trump Propaganda Page After It Was Revealed It Was Run From Ukraine

I think it is important to mention that modern propaganda as we know it came out of Stalin’s Russia. The Russian word “agitprop” for propaganda is a shortened version of Department of Agitation and Propaganda.

This Ukrainian Facebook group was using some of the same material generated by Internet Research Agency (IRA) which was a 24 hour a day Russian troll operation out of Moscow to affect the outcome of the 2016 American presidential election in favor of Donald Trump.

It is possible that some propaganda efforts have been moved out of Russia into the Ukraine (or to other places) because anything involving Russia should still be a huge red flag. In my mind this begs the question of what was the purpose of recent $140 million over-payment by Trump administration to the Ukrainian Government? That money had to be designated for some purpose. Was it Trump illegally funneling US taxpayer money to fund a Soviet style disinformation program against his 2020 presidential opponent? Due to financial sanctions it would be difficult to send a large sum of money directly to Russia. Money sent to Ukraine could easily make it into Russia.

Many years ago there was a small scandal where people started receiving disturbing memes. It turns out they had previously followed a page that featured The Simpson’s memes. Later that benign content took a dark twist. Same thing could happen with a foreign political site. A single meme might seem benign at first, but larger amounts of propaganda can be slowly inserted over time to indoctrinate the American people to beliefs convenient for Russia. This is why we need to stand strongly against any foreign interference (and manipulation) in our domestic elections.