At least Mussolini had some charisma, Trump has the mannerisms/social skills of a spiteful orangutan with dementia…

I mean come on America. Is this really the best we can do? It’s time to dig a little deeper. It’s quite simple actually Trump is following the fascist playbook. Commit as many scandals as possible, marginalize as many people as possible, Latinos, immigrants, women, people of color, LGBT… Forgive me if I left anyone out (it’s been hard to keep track). He’s still trying to desensitize as many people as much as possible to the Russian lifestyle of do exactly what the government tells you to do.

Freud would probably say Hitler’s and Napoleon’s behavior was overcompensation do to feeling inadequate from supposedly each having only one testicle. Trump seems deep down very insecure about his micropenis and apparently feels the need to make up for it by being a pompous ass. There’s definitely some underlying mental problems there too. Hitler was also a germophobe similar to Trump. That is just one way a neurotic, unwell, obsessive mind displays itself in the real world.

Let’s be real folks. It was never was about immigrants coming to America. It was about the color of their skin. Trump had no problem with Melania’s parents chain migrating to the United States. Let’s face it folks, if there was a barge full of Slovenian whores floating around somewhere in the Atlantic, Trump would be the first tow them in and give them all Einstein Visas.

All I can hope is that more people continue to speak out on the rising crimson tide of fascism in the United States. Historically, I hope this Republican congress is remembered as the “Red Congress.”  Not as in Republican red but as in Russian red. A group of people so dysfunctional they don’t care if The United States becomes a satellite government of Russia as long as they can protect their own personal finances and special interests. Fuck all these fascist pigs and please vote them out come November.

America’s patriotism has for too long only been mass marketed to gun fanatics and rednecks. Maybe this helps explain the lower voter turnout in many other demographics. This is the 21st century and it is far past time to return to the idea of a more inclusive America.