The White House has announced that Invanka Trump’s new nepotistic official job title in the White House will be Consigliere to the President, Don the Con.

Ivanka seems to have really earned this position.  By pretty much everyone’s observation she’s not near as stupid as both of her brothers.  She’s the one all the orders have gone through anyway for some time. It is now all that much clearer why she can’t leave her daddy’s side.

Donald Trump spoke about the promotion briefly in the Oval Office and said, “Ivanka’s GREAT, you can tell she’s smart.  Look at the face she started out with and the one she ended up with.  All the orders have been going through her for some time; I’m glad she’s finally being officially recognized.”   Trump then added that she’s worked so hard, “I think she deserves another yacht trip with her bestie, Putin’s girlfriend.  They have a lot to catch up on, with no listening devices present.”