Yet another wild week on the Internet, folks. So, check out:

Trump legal team readies attack on Flynn’s credibility, by Carol D. Leonnig, in the Washington Post. Seems the Dumpsters are going to try to smear Flynn. Much easier than actually proving their own innocence. Particularly since they’re not. Innocent, we mean.

While you’re missing President Obama, a man who really was good and moral, check out this piece in The Guardian, Obama tells Prince Harry: leaders must stop corroding civil discourse, by Patrick Wintour, diplomatic editor. Seems the Prince interviewed our former (real) President for the BBC and Obama noted with some grief that the standard of political discourse is now beyond repair.

Wanna ruin your day? Or, at least keep track of our Orange President’s attempts to avoid justic? Check out Timeline of Trump and Obstruction of Justice: Key Dates and Events, by Artin Afkhami in Just Security. Makes fascinating, if depressing reading.

Oh, and while you’re worrying about what’s going to happen in 2018, read Will 2018 Be the End of the Trump Presidency? by T.A. Frank in Vanity Fair. The good news, there’s a chance that the Dumpster won’t last much longer. The bad news, there may be a nuclear war in the offing before he goes.

Meanwhile, you remember all that crap the GOP and Fox news was handing out about a “Liberal coup?” Well, political scientist Yascha Mounk argues that The Real Coup Plot Is Trump’s in the New York Times. Mounk says that Trump and his people are attempting to create a myth of crisis so they can impose martial law or something like it. Scary shit.

Still, not all is woe. Paul Krugman, writing in the New York Times, suggests that America Is Not Yet Lost. He argues that, bad as things seem, and as hard a struggle as may be ahead of us, still, we’re showing the national will that may finally redeem the nation.

And for a real feel good experience, check out Mother Jones’ One Nation, Under Protest. It presents the work of Detroit photographer Garrett MacLean who carefully documents the anti-Drumpfsters of protests across the country. Wonderful images!