Lots of excellent articles on the web to check out this week. Among ‘em are:

Several came in from our friend Brent Williams, among them this piece from Business Insider, “A Yale psychologist’s simple thought experiment temporarily turned conservatives into liberals.” It seems that in a recent study, researchers were able to curb Trumpist thought by the simple expedient of making the subjects feel safe. When they weren’t frightened, they weren’t aggressive. Something of interest there…and maybe an explanation for Fox’s constant reframe of death, destruction, and horror.

Coming under the heading of “good enough for you,” GQ is running an interesting article on everyone’s second fav sexual predator, Bill O’Reilly. Seems his “talent” agencies —United Talent for TV, William Morris for books—have dropped him like a live grenade. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy, we think.

This was suggested by our friend Robert Folkner, and is linked to the story above. Actually, it is a video (or rather, a slideshow) on the decline and fall of the once great city of Detroit, and the American manufacturing establishment along with it. Images of yesterday’s affluence are paired with those of today’s decay. Quite tragic, and such realities are one of the reasons we are afraid as a people.

Any doubts as to the long term goals of the Drumpfian Right? The ACLU has just revealed a number of documents its obtained via court order which show that Drumpf operative Kris Kobach is working on a plan for full scale voter suppression. Need we add any information about the skin color and/or political affiliation of the people whose votes are being suppressed? Didn’t think so.

Also from Robert Folkner, a chilling story from the New York Times on the GOP, and how its operatives are surrendering to the Drumpf or else leaving politics. In the words of their Commander-in-Thief: sad.

Along similar lines, check out Thomas B. Edsall’s op-ed in the Oct 26, 2016 issue of the NY Times, The Party of Lincoln Is Now The Party of Trump. Very disturbing piece, particularly since it suggests that Democrats and Progressives will not make many gains in future, and may even lose ground.

Inequality.org has posted a heartbreaking piece by Maria Beri on its site. Entitled Puerto Ricans Must Come First, Not Wall Street Vultures, the article looks at how giant hedge funds are buying up Puerto Rico’s debt after the hurricane and extracting money from the Commonwealth… at a time when it can barely feed its people.

In happier news, Facing South, the online magazine of the Institute for Southern Studies, is running “VOICES OF RESISTANCE: Joining local struggles to build a Southern movement.” The article looks at how progressives are joining forces to construct a new people’s movement for the southlands.

Another story from Brent Williams, I’m A Progressive, But Guess What? I’m The ‘Conservative’ Here by Elisabeth Parker. The author looks at how liberals and progressives have become the “conservatives” of the era in that they’re trying to conserve something. The Right? Pure smash and burn.

And, lastly, the Brookings Institute has an instructive piece on its website, Polling Spotlight: The deep split in the GOP, by William A. Galston. Seems a recent Pew Research Survey has highlighted the deep and growing schism in the party between old-school conservatives and alt-rights. The article says that someday “a great Republican leader” might heal the split, but hints you shouldn’t hold your breath waiting for it.