Very scary article in Newsweek this time, “This Is How Trump Will Announce He Has Fired Mueller?” by William P. Hausdorff. Hausdorff looks at how Trump might use a combination of media overload and the holiday to distract people from his firing of the special prosecutor. Indeed, by the time you read this, it may have already happened. Remember, if it does, we go to the streets.

But if we do have to protest, you might want to be aware that we may take a bit of heat. The Drumpfters are starting to criminalize dissent. Huffpost’s Ryan J. Reilly writes that several Trump Inauguration Protestors are facing quite lengthy prison sentences for “inciting a riot”—technically a felony which could lead to long years in prison. So, be aware, just speaking your mind could mean a real risk.

The good news? We won’t be alone. There’s gonna be bunches of us behind bars. In Newsweek, Zachary Fryer-Biggs writes that Impeachment Of Donald Trump Likely If He Fires Robert Mueller, Democrat Says. It seems that Representative Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) has said that any attempt to remove Mueller would result in action against Trump in Congress, and more importantly, “we would take to the streets…” So, who knows, maybe the cream of American society will end up sharing our cells. Best company you could ask for.

But, of course, Trump may not bother to fire Mueller. He and the Conservaturds may just try to discredit Mueller and ignore any legal action against them. But, says, Jon Schwarz, writing in Intercept, Republican Attacks on Robert Mueller Are Absurd. But the GOP Has Been Lawless for Decades. In effect, he argues, the Republican Party has been a criminal organization for a long time. Smearing Mueller is just SOP for the GOP.

Along similar lines, Abigail Tracy, writing in Vanity Fair, notes that

The Republican War on Mueller Is Moving into a Dangerous New Phase

As Trump’s legal team moves against Mueller, Democrats brace for “Saturday massacre 2.0.” She notes the ominous parallels between the current situation and Nixon’s action against Archibald Cox. Of course, that action led eventually to Nixon’s removal…so we can hope.

Meanwhile, Jeet Heer writes an impassioned warning in The New Republic, Trump Is Sabotaging the Russia Investigation—With Fox News’ Help: The president doesn’t need to fire Robert Mueller to get what he wants. Heer writes about how the Trump/Fox axis of evil is using smear and slander to cripple Mueller’s investigation. It is a scary article. But, let’s be optimistic. Maybe, when Trump gets flushed, he’ll take Faux News with him.