by Stephen Miller

Editor’s Note: Stephen Miller is a musician, clergyman, poet, and a political activist. This poem, originally written a year ago, seems a fitting commentary for Christmas of 2017.


I love Donald Trump.

I’m horrified that he is President of the USA.

I consider him a terrorist.

I’m terrified of the damage he can do.

But he is my brother

just as every creature of creation is my sibling.

I choose not to live in alienation (alien nation).


I love Donald Trump.

But it is very difficult.

I’m not 100% successful.

I have to work on it.

I hear the call to love my enemies.

Refusing to love hurts the refuser.

So I will pray to love Donald Trump


I have to look beyond Trump to the issues.

Trump can be a distraction.

As even can McConnell and Ryan.

The issues and the system must be confronted.

We employ Trump, McConnell, and Ryan.

Their job is to serve us.

Our job is to give them their orders.


I love Donald Trump.

He has taken upon himself a big job.

He is charged with being my servant.

He is charged with being your servant.

He is charged to serve all the people.

He is charged to serve Muslims, LGBT people, and me.

What a job.  Let’s make him do it.

January 23, 2017