This morning, it was revealed that Rex Tillerson had been dumped by the Trump and replaced as Secretary of State by CIA Director Mike Pompeo. This is not a good thing. While nobody will miss the limp windsock that was Tillerson, who has probably done more damage to the American diplomatic corps, and American international standing, than anyone to date, Pompeo may actually be worse…no small feat.

Pompeo got his start in Kansas state government, where he was regarded as a creature of the Koch Brothers Mafia. As Koch Puppets go, he may not have been quite as bad as Sam (“Brownnose”) Brownback and Kris (“KrisKrap”) Kobach, but he was still pretty awful…all too eagerly joining in the Ku Koch Klan’s attempt to impose “economic liberty” on the Kansas economy, and more or less killing it off in the process.

Let’s all hope that he now outdoes even Anthony Scaramucci’s record for a short tenure in the Whitehouse…before he gets us all served Polonium for lunch.