By Chris Madsen

I can’t help but wonder how much of Melania’s life was scripted, staged, or set up.  With her father having been a member of the Communist party, it really makes me wonder what kind of culture she grew up in her home?  Was she groomed from a child to be willing to do anything and everything for Mother Russia?

It’s quite clear to me Melania was contrived and not just born.  Everything from her face to her name has been manufactured, changed, or manipulated.  It’s clear she’s been heavily altered surgically to achieve a specific look.  Its not normal to look like one is standing in a wind tunnel.

I can’t help but wonder if she was groomed and sent off to New York with her “Einstein Visa” to try and land a high power or influential mark that could benefit mother Russia.  Anything from political insider information to corporate insider information could be valuable to Russian investors.  Russians don’t care how long something takes as long as the objective is reached.

I’m always perplexed that it never raised any red flags that she speaks better Russian than English.  In the video I saw of her chatting with Putin alone at dinner awhile ago he looked like he was having no difficulty understanding her.  Every time she speaks I personally struggle to understand her or what she actually means to say.

Its really hard to tell if Donald Trump was her original mark.  He might have been after all it was common knowledge he liked Russian women after marrying Ivana.  It becomes all the more clear why Melania has never left the babbling fool.  It is literally her job to stay.  Talk about taking one for Team Russia having to sleep with Donald Trump.  Now she even has an autistic kid that’s a real chip off the old heavily damaged block.

Can you imagine if McCarthy was alive today? He would have a field day with this one.  Melania isn’t just a Red Scare she has turned herself into something red scary.