Readers may know that LR Net’s home office, such as it is, is in the great state of New Mexico. You may also know that New Mexico is an arid place. Technically, we live in a high mountain desert, which can be both cold and dry. These features give the state a strange but genuine beauty, where mountains meet sage brush which blends into sandstone and badlands.

But that New Mexico in threatened. As global warming increases, our state is drying out. Unless something is done, and done soon, huge parts of it could become uninhabitable.

One writer who exams this crisis in our home state is Why are people still living in the western US with the constant threat of climate change?, she looks at the changes which might make our beloved state a wasteland. It is well worth a read.

And more, it is a warning, and not just for New Mexico. America, and the world, are at risk. And the fact that men and women like Trump and the people behind him are willing to run that risk, and perhaps condemn us all to a lingering death, just for their own short term profit, is nothing less than obscene.

Definitely give Ms. Carswell’s piece a look.