Hey, Everyone!

So another week’s gone flying past. And once again there may have been a few great stories on LR Net that you just didn’t get a chance to read.

So, once more, we’re here to suggest a few articles we’ve done recently that might be crying out for your special attention.

So, open up them browsers and let’s hit the highlights.


First of all, as promised, last week we ran the prologue of Philip Becnel’s satirical novel, Freedom City. It is really very funny, and reveals the adventures of some merry but progressive pranksters in a post-Trump America. Be sure to give it a glance.

And by the way, it is sort of indirectly descended from a classic of American literature, the Monkey Wrench Gang by the late, great writer Edward Abbey, who described a similar band of saboteurs defending the environment against over-development. As a result, Mr. Becnel is following in the footsteps of giants. And, so far, he seems to be matching the requisite stride without too much difficulty.

And stand by. More of his work will appear next week.





Okay, next on the list, check out William Turner’s most recent, Donny Had A Little Lamb, in which he positively shreds the GOP’s take on their recent loss in Pennsylvania. He examines Republican claims that Conor Lamb won because he was basically a Republican in disguise. Turner doesn’t just reject that bit of nonsense. He rips it to shreds.

Our fav line in the piece? It is “’Conservatives” are so cute when their clueless, except when they’re not. Cute, that is, they’re always clueless.”

Next, we have Luke Haines with a new bit of work, Armed Teachers: The Unsurprising Result. In it, he questions the NRA’s favorite response to school shootings—more guns, now in the hands of teachers.

And what is the result of giving teachers guns? He’s looked at the data, and what happens is that you have a lot more accidental shootings, and no real increase in safety.

In other words, NRA knows as little about school safety as it does the real origins of the Second Amendment.


Oh, and do check out Marc Keyser’s new essay, The #NeverAgain Student Movement. He revisits one of his favorite themes—how we can use our cellphones, and a barrage of calls, to humble even the mightiest bank.





Michele Gabriel then has an excellent piece on the complicated relationship between American bigotry and the Trump victory in 2016. Unfortunately, it’s pretty clear that the only reason the Orange One is in the White House is because his ruthless exploitation of hate and fear.


And lastly for the week, be sure to give a glance at our recent interview with African-American filmmaker Alicia Norman. She looks at why the recent movie, Black Panther, is more than just a silly action flick. It is, she says, a cultural phenomenon.



So there you have it! Some of our recent best. And stay tuned. There’s always more to come.