Today, 16 July, Donald (“The Dim”) Trump is supposed to meet with Vladimir (“The Impaler”) Putin. If that fact doesn’t terrify you, then you’re either a Russian or on serious drugs. The general betting is that Trump, who is a notoriously poor negotiator, will end up giving away the farm.

But the question plaguing diplomats of late is why the two men have decided to meet at all. Vanity Fair’s Bess Levin thinks she may have an answer. In Is This the Secret Deal Putin Will Offer Trump?, she suggests that a number of Middle Eastern governments who’d like to see Iran pushed out of Syria are now co-operating with Putin to work out an arrangement where-by the US would drop its sanctions against Moscow in return for Russia’s help in pressuring Tehran.

She concludes that this is probably not going to happen. Congress, and Robert Mueller’s investigation, would make such a deal difficult or impossible.

But, still, maybe best not to count it out. This is, after all, Trump we’re talking about. And if any man would swallow it hook, line, and sinker, ‘tis him.