It has been a hard week for us. Among all the crazy things going on, we learned that Stephen Hawking, the great physicist, passed on at the age of 76. We suppose we ought to be glad that the world had him as long as it did. Given his illness (a horrible, slow motion version of Lou Gehrig’s disease) the wonder was that he lived past forty.

We were saddened by his death, but we were appalled at what followed. Of course, many people posted tributes and loving remarks on the web after his passing—but, alas, so too did malicious fools attack him and his memory. Interestingly enough (but surely no one is surprised by this) most of those attacks came from Right Wingers. Hawking was a critic of Israel, and he had little use for organized religion. As a result, some of his more brainless detractors have chosen to celebrate his death, and have said that he is burning in hell as we speak.

We, here, however, much prefer those who have not signed off on cruelty and madness, and will end with something that moves us greatly. To wit, the Twitter feed of the program Big Bang Theory, which posted the image above in homage to the man and they mind they admired so much.

Farewell dear teacher…and most curious of all the students of the world…