Trump Throws a Temper Tantrum And Threatens Government Shutdown Unless He Gets His Border Wall. Let’s Shut Down A Bank Or Two Instead


By Marc Keyser

Congress will keep the government open. Congress will not fund Trump’s wall, and Congress will impeach Trump for treason. Why, because if they do not, we will shut down Bank of America until they do.


Help shut down Bank of America with an unconventional Phone Protest. Block their phones with thousands of calls, disrupt their business, and ignite an unexpected crisis on Wall Street and give Congress their worst nightmare.

Our goal is to empower activists to focus their fury against the greatest corrupter of our democracy—Wall Street, the financial Gomorrah of America where they worship Mammon and corrupt our government with bribes. We must end the corrosive influence Wall Street money has over Congress.

Calling together, we have the overwhelming numbers to inundate their phones, cripple their business and force Congress to forget about Trump’s Wall and impeach Trump instead.

The target is Bank of America Merrill Lynch- one of the 5 big banks on Wall Street that pulled the home mortgage fraud, that collapsed the housing market, that ruined millions of home owners, and put the nation another $10 trillion in debt. The Wall Street banks bribed Congress to bail them out and to make sure and there were no effective regulations to prevent them from doing it again.

Join the Global Phone Protest against Bank of America Merrill Lynch to shut them down, and ignite the spark that engulfs their global banking empire in flames to create an unexpected crisis for Congress.


Organize a Call Squad of 500 to 5,000 activists in your city to call a local Bank of America and/or Merrill Lynch. Call in solidarity, block their phones, disrupt their business. Go viral and jam their phones. Join with other Call Squads in the UK, Canada, and in cities around the globe.

Shut down Bank of America and cost them a bloody fortune until Congress meets our demands. Stop the wall and impeach Trump… or lose Bank of America and face a meltdown on Wall Street.

We don’t want to “provoke” Trump, we intend to force Trump Republicans who control Congress to impeach the traitor for treason. Here and now!

Social network, get the word out, go viral, go global. Activate activists in the US to organize Call Squads to call the nearest Bank of America. Activate activists in the UK, Canada, and around the world to call the nearest Merrill Lynch. Light a fire under Bank of America until Congress impeaches America’s Traitor in Chief and puts him in prison where they have lots of walls and armed guards.
Welcome to the Great Awakening.

Join us on the phones where ever you live whenever you can.