Axis 1 – Bipolar Disorder type 1

Axis 2 – Antisocial Behavior (distempered psychopath/narcissist/pathological liar)
Drug addict: Illicit use of prescription drugs (the crushing and snorting of Addedal a prescribed methamphetamine)


Donald J. Trump’s behavior is that of a dry drunk. He has addiction in his family having a brother who died of alcoholism. He doesn’t have to actively drink to display alcoholic behavior as this is what he has observed and learned in his family life. It is also the reason he was never held accountable for any of his actions. There has always been someone readily available to step in with “an excuse” for his behavior. He can differentiate right from wrong, but doesn’t care and doesn’t want to be “burdened” to follow laws. Drug addiction/ alcoholism/ depression/ bipolar disorder are all carried on same set of genes and appear present in his family.

He displays characteristics of bipolar 1 disorder (manic depression). He has grandiose and delusional thinking and an over-inflated sense of importance, followed by reported periods of him not getting out of bed. I don’t believe him to have ADHD. I believe he just finds that label and it’s availability to obtain prescription stimulants to abuse very attractive. Use/misuse of stimulants is very common in bipolar disorder.

Trump appears to also have very deep rooted insecurities. Hence, his inability to handle any criticism. He has way below average intelligence, and wishes he was way above average and compensates by projecting and wanting people to believe that he is a “stable genius”.

Reports of him throwing objects like a coffee pot down the hall point to that he is most likely a distempered psychopath which is fueling his anti-social behavior. He may be developmentally delayed and social awkward from Asperger’s Syndrome. This would only enhance his hostilities and increase his frustration levels causing potentially violent fits. His actual levels of paranoia would determine if he has progressed to schizo-affective or schizophrenic through stimulant use. It would most likely have to be observed through his behavior as is virtually impossible to get the truth out of a pathological liar.

Reports of his illicit use of the prescription drug Adderal by crushing it and snorting it in combination with his clearly visible mental illness classifies him as dually diagnosed (mentally ill and a drug addict). This makes for someone incredibly difficult to treat or manage. He would most likely refuse any legitimate treatment as someone like this would believe nothing is wrong with him and that this has worked for 70+ years why would he need to change? The world needs to change for him…

Someone like this would more likely commit suicide than actually admit to or be responsible for any of his behaviors or illegal activities. If he was actually confronted with and faced imminent real consequences for his highly questionable and illegal activity then suicide would give him the ability to still feel “in control” and to not have to admit to the pathological lying or receive any actual consequences for his own actions. When perceived image is viewed as “the most important thing” then great efforts would be made to never expose the true reality that he actually enjoys being a conman. He would most likely hang himself as that would be viewed as “the most dramatic”. He would also most likely leave a note or message explaining how he didn’t kill himself and that he was the victim of some delusional conspiracy whether it be “a Deep State”, “the Clinton Foundation”, or the “the Obamas” that had him murdered. As a complete conman in life he would most certainly want to also manipulate people in his death, so that his true nature may not be exposed to everyone (or at the very least still remain clouded in mystery).

By Chris Madsen