By Chris Madsen

I’ve just had it with the divisive Russian politics of constant arguing and accomplishing nothing (except frustration). We still have religious freedom but that gives people the right to practice a religion they choose (if they want). Nothing in that implies the right of any one group to control everyone else or to discriminate against broad groups of people. Don’t like birth control? Great, then don’t use it… Don’t believe in abortions? Great, then never have one… Don’t like same-sex marriage? Don’t get same-sex married… Don’t want to have to serve or work with certain people? Great, stay out of business/commerce and it will never be a problem… This should all be common sense.

While the rest of the industrialized world seems to be figuring things out and moving forward the United States seems stuck on stupid. We keep having to revisit these issues and many others that most of the rest of the world has figured out. Here’s an idea! Instead of divisive politics and people constantly being singled out how about we treat everyone decently?

Meanwhile, anyone who has a functioning brain has realized Russia did meddle in our last election. There’s been televised Congressional hearings regarding this matter and the impact on social media platforms. Not to even mention Mueller’s ongoing investigation, which has had some results so far, but so far not the result many people want.

Bless their hearts, but we really don’t need to be listening to the opinions of people that are so under-educated that they don’t even know what continent they are on. We really should save the adult topics and discussions for people that are capable of logic or wanting to learn something/anything. Maybe too much reality television and now a reality television president has just warped some people into believing that being ignorant, uneducated, and loudly opinionated is the “cool thing to do”. Well, I’m here to tell you “it isn’t” and much of the world is laughing at us for acting like such fools, and that’s why this country seriously needs a reality check.