A short while ago, we wrote about an interesting proposal to turn the U.K.’s coal mines into underground farms (see “Progressive Troglodytes“). We thought it was an interesting idea– for, that is, a country like the United Kingdom which has limited land area and needs to import more of its food than it is entirely comfortable doing. But we didn’t think it had a role in the United States (at least not yet). We’re a big place, and we’ve got lots of land to grow food on.

But, then, it struck us. Donald Trump and, more importantly, the oligarchs and plutocrats behind him, have indicated they have no interest in preventing climate change. Indeed, they either really think it is a myth, or else they are willing to pretend they think so to keep their investments in coal and oil at their most valuable.

Meaning that it may well be that we, too, will have to invest in underground farms, and in converting old mines into food centers….not because we’ll need the land, but because the land on the surface will no longer support life.

Another little gift from 45 and the creatures who constructed him…