There is an interesting and frightening article over on the LA Times site this month. Michael D’Antonio is the author of a new biography of our fearless leader, The Truth About Trump. Now, in Who behaves like Trump? Deviants. And delinquents, he summarizes some of his more disturbing conclusions.

Basically, he says, Trump started off life as narcissistic juvenile delinquent who frightened his own family with his self-involvement, bullying of others, and total lack of concern for basic civility. Thus, writes D’Antonio, as a child, Trump was a classic delinquent who gave one of teachers a black eye and never obeyed the most basic rules. Further, says D’Antonio, Trump told him that “I was a very rebellious kid…I loved to fight.” The writer adds, “More concerning was Trump’s suggestion that he hasn’t changed since first grade.”

As an adult, Trump is a Deviant, that is, someone who abandons basic civility and thus drags down the society around him. Explains D’Antonio, “In most cases deviance like Trump’s is discouraged by family, friends and communities. However, when it manifests in a billionaire who is ever present in the media, deviance can seem acceptable and even advantageous. Influential deviants exert a downward pressure on social norms…when deviance is accepted, people become accustomed to awful behavior in their midst — think of Trump’s name-calling — and begin to believe it’s not so bad.”

And so Trump…deviant and delinquent.

And the man who would, if he could, drag the rest of us down with him…