From the We’re Not Really Surprised File…

Emma Stefansky, writing in the Hive, tells gives the fascinating article, Signer’s Remorse: Trump Scrambling to Reverse Effects of Spending Bill He Signed Trump is reportedly planning to partially cut down to size the massive bill he just passed.

It seems, she says, that he didn’t actually know what is in the bill when he signed it, and, worse, was surprised that his own base actually hated the bill almost as much as Democrats. She writes (and here paraphrasing): The new developments follow massive blowback from his base of loyal supporters, who allege the $1.3 trillion spending bill advances too many liberal projects, and, most notably, does not allow for the building of the president’s much touted border wall.

In fact, she notes, “Trump was reportedly shocked at the vitriol his spending bill fostered, with much of it coming from usually friendly outlets like Fox News. His base is furious, mainly, about the president dragging his feet when it comes to funding the border wall, even Fox’s Sean Hannity letting his disappointment show in his opening monologue a few weeks ago. ‘I personally wish the president vetoed this bill, made them stay in Washington. Make them keep their promises,’ Hannity said. What happened to the Republican Party? Whatever happened to the party that believed in fiscal responsibility?’”

Also interesting, she says that, “That said, rumors persist that top aides—including White House chief of staff John Kelly—are gravely concerned with the president’s current state of mind. Kelly… threatened to quit on March 28. With staffers reportedly eyeing the exits and concerned about the likelihood their own reputations can survive a newly emboldened Trump, and the president furious that the spending bill is turning allies against him, storm clouds seem to once again be gathering over the White House.”

Lets hope for a deluge, shall we? It might wash out some of the garbage.