It has been fascinating to watch while the more rational and talented members of the American Right have turned on Trump after his degrading behavior in Finland. For example, writing in Weekly Standard (no liberal rag by any measure) Charles J. Sykes recently took 45 apart.

“It seems only moments ago that Republicans derided Barack Obama’s ‘apology tour,’” he notes. “But that has been replaced by Donald Trump’s Groveling Tour, a peculiar combination of bullying our friends and fawning on our enemies. Monday’s summit seems destined to be recorded in the annals of diplomatic folly, with geopolitical consequences that will last far longer than our own frenetic attention spans.”

Sykes absolutely pulls no punches. Trump, he says, has been craven, bizarre, and a genuine embarrassment to America. “The Man on the White Horse who alone can solve all of our problems turns out to be the guy who yearns to hold Vlad’s umbrella,” he says.

It is good to hear Sykes say these things. But, let us hope…hope against hope…that the rest of the Right actually listens.

Either that, or we all start learning Russian.