In recent months, Der Drumpf has pardon a whole bunch of people for a whole bunch of things. It started with Joe Arpaio, that uniquely vile excuse for a human being who ran his prisons like concentration camps, and soon moved on to Scooter Libby. Now, he’s given Dinesh D’Souza, the hyper-conservative, Obama-bashing author, filmmaker, and pseudo-intellectual a similar free pass. And, it is rumored that there are more such pardons to come.

Why the sudden burst of presidential pity? Well, for one thing, it plays well to his deplorable base, who see these men as martyrs to political corrections and/or the Deep State. But, there may be another reason. CNN’s Chris Cillizza, writing in Here’s the real reason behind Donald Trump’s pardon spree, says that the real explanation has to do with Trump’s vulnerability to legal prosecution. He knows that many of his subordinates are currently under investigation by various law enforcement agencies. The pardons are his way of sending a message to men like Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort that they don’t need to fear. He will protect them, no matter what Mueller or whoever does.

If so, then it is an interesting strategy on Trump part in that it assumes that Cohen and Manafort will necessarily trust him and not testify against him, even if offered a deal by the FBI. It also assumes that the scores, maybe hundred of lesser figures in the scandles, men and women who assisted or were employed by Cohen, Manafort, et al won’t have as much if not more incriminating material, and won’t have far better reason to cut deals than did their bosses.

Either way, as legal strategies go, Trump’s may not be among the best.

The Little Professor