Welcome to the Virtual Reality2, Show hosted by Marc Keyser.

Today’s guests: President Trump and Ann Coulter were unable to join us in the studio, but they are here in virtual reality.

Host Marc Keyser: Mr. President you promised to build a great wall on the southern border to put an end to invasion of “hordes” of immigrants seeking asylum; and, according to you, bringing crime and drugs to America.

Trump: I was going to build a big, beautiful 30-foot high, 2,000-miles long concrete border wall from sea to shining sea and call it the Taj Mahal Border Wall… but the Democrats are calling it a White Elephant, and they won’t fund it. It’s a deep-state plot against me.

Keyser: Mr. President, you shut down the government for 35 days- the longest shutdown in the nation’s history- hurting people who didn’t get their pay checks, disrupting vital government services especial air travel, and costing taxpayers an estimated $3 billion dollars.

Donald: It’s my shut down. I own it. But it was the Democrats fault for not funding my wall. The Democrats are to blame for the damages not me. Democrats don’t want border security and the Mueller investigation is a witch hunt.

Keyser: Who said anything about the Mueller investigation?

The Democrats want border security with smart technology, they want immigration policies that don’t damage the U.S. economy. and are not cruel and inhumane.

Trump: When you talk like that you are fake news. Asking these kinds of questions is a disgrace to our country and to journalism. That’s enough! Put down the mic. This interview is over. You’re fired. I’ll have you removed.

Marc: This a virtual reality interview. I’m not Jim Acosta at CNN and things don’t work that way on news media outlet. I’ll just turn your mic off for the moment. 

Trump: (silence)

Marc: The truth is, Democrats don’t want some grand wall on the border that symbolizes White Nationalism and secures nothing and damages our economy.

You shut the government down and turn around and blame Democrats. This shutdown was on you. This is your desperate attempt to blackmail the public to force Democrats in Congress to pay for your border wall that won’t work and Mexico won’t pay for. 

Trump: (mic back on) My 30-foot tall, Taj Mahal Border Wall would Make America Great Again. How was I supposed to know that Mexico won’t pay for my wall?

Keyser: I guess Mexico didn’t read your book Art of the Deal, or they did read it and decided that paying your “f***ing wall was a bad deal.

Trump: More troops being sent to the Southern Border to stop the attempted invasion of illegals through large Caravans. With a wall it would be soooo much easier and less expensive.

Keyser: A caravan of stragglers as the border poses a threat to no one.

The Trump Wall doesn’t make America safe. The wall is a symbol, a monument to White Nationalism, a rallying cry to your racist followers. Actually what you’re promising your followers is that America will be white again and white Americans will live in a Gated Nation enjoying white privilege where every white man and woman wins the lottery, and white people are safe and getting rich… just like all the suckers who gambled at the Taj Mahal were going to get rich… until you bankrupted the Taj Mahal; and the employees, investors, contractors, and banks you owed money got burned.

Trump: My people are sketching out a three-week public relations campaign, including the possibility of another trip to the border to influence new negotiations over funding and his proposed wall. If I don’t get funding for the wall, I may have to declare a state of emergency.

Keyser: You tried to blackmail Americans, but the Democrats and even some decent Republicans in Congress refused to fund your Great Wall. You caved. You lost.

Trump: People are pouring into our country, including terrorists. We have terrorists. We caught 10 terrorists over the last very short period of time, 10. 

Keyser: Mr. Trump you have some dramatic new talking points on your manufactured crisis at the border, like human traffickers gagging women with tape as they drive them across the border illegally which is straight out of the movie: Sicario, the Day of the Soldado. The 2018 sequel starring Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin is a dark and violent take on U.S. Mexico border, Middle Eastern terrorists, drug cartels, and U.S. government efforts to disrupt them. It's a movie. It’s fiction.

Trump: These are very serious people. 

Keyser: The examples you give are serious actors in the movie.

The claim appears to be you accidentally or willfully or ignorant misunderstanding a customs and border patrol statistic that 10 suspected terrorists, on average, are blocked every day from entering the U.S., mostly at airports.

Trump: They come in. They nab women. They grab them. They put tape over their mouth. They tie their hands. They have tape over their mouths, electrical tape, usually blue tape, as they call it. 

Keyser: The Human Trafficking Legal Center has a database of 1,435 indictments and 26 cases that involved kidnapping. One case in the 1,435 mentioned duct tape. 

TRUMP: Tying up women, putting tape in their mouths. They tie up women, taping them out. Women are tied up. They're bound. They have women in the backseat of the cars with duct taped all over the place. 

Keyser: The Washington Post ran a story detailing the president's repeated use of women being gagged and duct taped on January 17th.

The news site, Vox, has now seen an e-mail, a so-called request for information from a top border patrol official asking field offices around that time for claims "that traffickers tie up and silence women with tape before illegally driving them through the desert from Mexico to the United States in the backs of cars and windowless vans." 

Trump: Are you suggesting that I have the border patrol looking for the proof of the story I made up based on an old movie, which is fiction? You are fake-news. How dare you fact check me. 

Keyser: Two weeks after you started talking about duct taped women, your administration is trying to come up with the facts to support what you have been lying about for two weeks. So far, no agency has come up with any supporting facts.

Donald Trump: “I wish people would read or listen to my words on the Border Wall.

Keyser: We watched your lips moving. We heard you say incoherent words over and over and over and over again that you would build a great wall and Mexico was going to pay for it… then it was Canada would pay for it. Now we have a President claiming there is a national emergency at the border based on nothing but fabricated lies, based on a movie.

What you wish is that everyone would believe your lies even after seeing the wall is a lie and all your talk about the emergency at the border is more lies.

Trump: I can’t build a wall that won’t work because Democrats refuse to fund the wall because the wall won’t work… I can’t lose. The wall will never be built so how can anyone ever prove that it wouldn’t work? I am the victim here.

Keyser: You are most pathetic pathological liar in human history. You are an evil Mr. Magoo… an old, bumbling, addled-brained patient in a hospital gown at an asylum for the criminally insane in the day room talking to an audience of medicated zombies about this big beautiful imaginary wall you are going to start building… after you take your meds and have your afternoon a nap.

Trump: I am president and you are not.

Keyser: Mr. Trump you sir are not the duly elected president. You conspired with the Kremlin to rig the election. You are a fraud. You are the illegitimate President of the United States and a Russian agent working for Putin.

Donald: I ended the shutdown temporarily, but this was in no way a concession. It was taking care of millions of people who were getting badly hurt by the Shutdown with the understanding that in 21 days, if no deal is done, it’s off to the races!”

Keyser: Be careful what you threaten. If you cared about anyone but Donald Trump you would not have shut the government down in the first place and caused so much damage much less wanted a Wall of Racism and the inhumane treatment of people seeking asylum just to divide the nation, start a race war, and hide the fact that your presidency is illegitimate and you are a traitor.

If you actually cared about building the wall, you would have secured the funding from your Republican controlled Congress any time in the past two years when you and Republicans controlled all three branches of government. We would have your wall, and we would still have all the problems your wall will not prevent.

Donald: When you find yourself publicly lamenting that your words weren’t interpreted the way you had hoped, it means you’ve totally lost.

Keyser: You totally lost the showdown over the funding for the wall. Now you’re getting weird. You lie so much no one believes you when you have moments of truth. Your Taj Mahal Border Wall is a lie. There is no national emergency at the border. The lie has been exposed. It is one thing to con the American people, but when you begin to believe your own lies that’s insanity. Even your staunch supporters who see the hand writing on the wall are beginning to distance themselves.

Ann Coulter: Trump is the biggest wimp ever to serve as President of the United States. He promised the base that he would build the wall.

Keyser: You voted for Donald Trump- and just now you are finding out he is a lying con man. What was your first clue?

Ann: Trump’s lies are puffery… an exaggeration. I find his puffery charming. It makes me laugh. I like that, but he has to keep his campaign promises.

Keyser: Trump’s lies are not “puffery” they are profoundly dangerous. We don’t want Trump to keep his campaign promises.

Trump: I promised a tax cut for the Middle Class, and I delivered.

Keyser: The Trump tax cut turned out to be a trillion-dollar bonanza to billionaires and mega-rich corporations doing nothing to help the rest of America, except leaving taxpayers $1.5 trillion dollars more in debt. You lied, and the rich got much richer at the expense of the rest of America.

Trump: (mic goes dead).

Keyser: Mr. President, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi told you “no” funding for the wall. What part of “no” don’t you understand?

Nancy Pelosi, ate your lunch. The great negotiator got shut down, the Mueller prob is closing in on everyone around you and your criminality and treason with Russia, Democrats who now control the House are coming for you. You should fear what most dictators fear most… an uprising among the people.

Trump: You’ve had enough. I mean I’ve had enough. Sit down. This interview is over. 

Keyser: Your cohorts are turning on you, because you have lost control over the government. You can’t deliver. Trump is an empty suit. Trump is a lame-duck loser. Trump and Trump Republicans are no longer in control of our government. And that matters. Staunch Trump supporters are bailing out. Ann Coulter is ahead of the rat pack deserting the sinking ship.

The Great Trump Wall is a delusional dream as bankrupt as Trump’s Taj Mahal Casino.

Trump: If Congress won’t come up with the wall money, I am prepared to declare a national state of emergency and take money out of the defense budget to pay for a big beautiful Taj Mahal Border Wall.


What we need is a wall to keep the Kremlin out of our elections. We have to stop traitors like President Trump and Mitch McConnell from selling out America to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. The real national emergency is treason at the highest levels of our government.

You might not know this Mr. Trump. We have walls in America. We have the best walls. We have the largest prison system in the world. We have great walls with towers and armed guards. You and you’re the rest of your rat pack of traitors belong behind Prison Walls.

Trump is threatening to declare a State of Emergency and fund his wall without Congressional approval if he doesn’t get funding from Congress, it is “off to the races.

WE need to mobilize and Shutdown Bank of America give Trump and his cohorts a national Bank of America emergency to make sure there is no funding for Trump’s Taj Mahal Border Wall and Trump and the rest of these traitors end up behind Prison Walls.


Call Bank America 800-732-9194, block their phones, and shut them down until Republicans in the Senate are forced to vote to impeach Trump… or Republicans lose Bank of America Merrill Lynch and face a meltdown on Wall Street.

Trump: That’s blackmail. You can’t hold Bank of America hostage and blackmail Republicans in Congress.

Keyser: How odd, Mr. President you just blackmailed federal employees and the America people with your government shutdown to force Congress to fund your wall. We are just returning the favor.

Trump: The phones may be tied up, and their business disrupted; but there won’t’ be a run on the bank, because people’s money is federally insured.

Keyser: Federal insurance covers depositors up to $250,000 in losses. Stock holders are not insured. If Bank of America Merrill Lynch is under siege, their stock could crash, and that could bankrupt Bank of America, and the cost to stock holders could be catastrophic.

Trump: I won’t tolerate it. I’ll declare a State of Emergency.

Keyser: Opposing the Phone Protest is like swallowing a porcupine whole. If you call for a national state of emergency because anti-Trump protesters are calling and demonstrating in front of Bank of America branches, it becomes an international State of Emergency, which will make international news and thousands of casual callers in the U.S. will mushroom into millions of die-hard callers in cities around the globe calling Merrill Lynch and Bank of America with a vengeance.

Trump: I am the duly elected President of the United States of America. I am in power.

Keyser: No, you’re not. You won by conspiring with the Russians to rig the election. You were fraudulently elected. You are a usurper, the illegitimate President of the United States of America, and in a phone protest that goes viral you are not in power. You are powerless to stop it.

You can’t stop 7.5 billion people with mobile phones and Internet access in cities around the world from calling Bank of America Merrill Lynch if they damn well feel like it.

Trump: I’ll have every last one of these phone protesters arrested.

Keyser: On what charges?

Are you going to arrest people for calling to complain and confiscate their phones? Is that your plan? Come now, since when is it a crime for consumers to use their phones to call Bank of America and Merrill Lynch to conduct business or to get into the bank’s business and complain?

This is a protest in virtual reality where people are free to call without fear.

Trump: People can’t just call and shutdown Bank of America. If it is not illegal, I will make it illegal?

Keyser: Mr. Trump no one knows illegal like you do.

You must know that it’s not illegal for consumers to call Bank of America Merrill Lynch and complain. If Bank of America is overwhelmed with complaints, and they can’t answer their phones fast enough to clear the lines and keep their business running, that’s their problem. When the news of Phone Protest disrupting business at the bank goes viral, it will trigger a run on the bank and crashes their stock, that’s a really big problem.

Trump: This is blackmail.

Keyser: You shut down the government to pressure Congress to fund you great Taj Mahal Border Wall, why can’t we call and shutdown Bank of America Merrill Lynch to pressure Congress to impeach President Trump and make sure the Trump Taj Mahal Border Wall is not funded?

After shutting down the government to put pressure on the public to fund your wall, isn’t it hypocritical for you to call a Phone Protest that puts public pressure on Bank of America and on Congress to impeach President Trump blackmail?

Trump: Why call Bank of America Merrill Lynch?

Keyser: You shut down the government to put pressure on Congress to fund your wall.

We are shutting down Bank of America Merrill Lynch because that’s where the money is. They are one of the big five Wall Street banks responsible for the Housing Market Collapse and the economic meltdown of 2008.

We are calling to break up Bank of America and their stock brokers Merrill Lynch to stop them from using depositor’s money to gamble in the stock market?

We are calling to disrupt business at Bank of America Merrill Lynch to put public pressure on Republicans in Congress to impeach President Trump… or lose Bank of America.

Trump: This is a disgrace to our country. I’ll call out the National Guard to protect Bank of America from hordes of invisible callers.

Keyser: How exactly can the National Guard guard the phones at Bank of America? Will soldiers man the phones and help with customer service at Bank of America Merrill Lynch? Are the riot police going to use tear gas on people demonstrating in peace on the phones?

In the virtual reality of the telecommunication system, there are no walls to prevent the public from using their phones to call Bank of America Merrill Lynch and trashing the place until Republicans in the Senate vote to impeach President Trump… or they risk a bank failure and a meltdown on Wall Street.

Millions of consumers in the U.S. and around the world with mobile phones are free to call Bank of America and Merrill Lynch, and there is nothing the President, Congress or the Bank of America can do to stop them from calling… unless of course you plan to shut down the phone system and throw cities into chaos and our economy back into the dark ages.

The “disgrace” is the failure of Congress and the American people to throw President Trump in jail for treason.

We must mobilize, mobilize, mobilize. Join the Phone Protest to put President Trump, Republicans in Congress and Bank of America a state of emergency until these Kremlin controlled traitors are behind the best Prison Walls.