White Women Fleeing The GOP

So it seems that White Women are finally wising up. They are increasingly leaving the Republican Party and voting for Dems.

According to a recent ABC/Washington Post poll, the GOP is hemorrhaging voters at a distressing rate. In particular, White Women, who worked so hard to put Trump in office in 2016, and who have long been one of the pillars of the party, are fed up. They are leaving the party in larger, and larger numbers.

An article in the libertarian magazine, Reason, is pretty blunt about it. In The Trump Effect: White Men Stand Alone, Elizabeth Nolan Brown, presents us with a vision of the near future where the Republican party has shrunk to only a few angry white men, and those declining in number. BoingBoing, meanwhile, comments on the same study, and on Brown’s article, and concludes that “This is why Ann Coulter has long espoused the opinion that women shouldn’t be allowed to vote.”

Let’s hope that White Males sober up soon…or else, alas, once more they’re going to get left behind.